Logitech MX Master

Roughly three million years ago, when I’d just started at Gizmodo, Logitech’s Performance Mouse MX won our Best Wireless Mouse Battlemodo. It was a triumph of ergonomics and it was a joy to use. Well, almost four years later, it’s received an update: the MX Master.

Rather than mess with success, Logitech retained everything that was good about the original, then added some improvements. It’s fantastic.

What Is It?

It’s a mouse! You use it for your computer. Remember them? It hurts your hand less than a trackpad? Ringing any bells?

Why Does It Matter?

Because it’s really good at mousing. Because the previous version was tremendously popular. Because you finally don’t need a dongle.


It looks really similar to the Performance Mouse MX. It’s meticulously crafted to fit your right hand. There’s that lovely thumb-rest, which has a hidden button that lets you perform gestures when you hold it down. The new MX Master has a new thumb wheel and two more buttons right above it, too. Up top you’ve got your left and right buttons, a clickable, speed-adaptive scroll wheel (I’ll explain in a sec), and a button to release the wheel’s click mechanism, should you prefer it free-spinning instead of all clicky. The top scroll wheel doesn’t tilt side to side anymore, but you can use the new thumb wheel to scroll horizontally through things.On the nose is a micro-USB port which you’ll use to charge this rodent, since it doesn’t use replacable AA batteries any more. And there’s a button underneath to control which device you want to use it with (you can pair it with up to three Bluetooth devices).

5 Comments To "Logitech MX Master"

Mashable On 17.12.2015
The Logitech MX Master is our new favorite wireless mouse and totally worth the $100. Reply to this comment
PC Mag On 17.12.2015
The Logitech MX Master is a wireless computer mouse that supports up to three different devices, but some features still need refinement. Reply to this comment
Cnet On 17.12.2015
While somewhat pricey, the Logitech MX Master's expansive feature set and smooth operation make it a worthwhile purchase for power users seeking a high-performance wireless mouse. Reply to this comment
Gizmodo On 17.12.2015
If you’re at your desk a lot, and you want maximum hand-comfort, this is the way to go. Reply to this comment
Tom's Guide On 17.12.2015
The Logitech MX Master mouse combines a gorgeous, ergonomic design with a multitude of buttons and competent software.
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