Ipad Pro

The biggest and best tablet Apple's ever made

Apple doesn't seem to be pushing the iPad Pro into any particular market though – it's designed to be a media hub, a decent word processor, a creative design tool, and then anything the app world can dream up besides.It's possible to use it as an enterprise device too, but there's a lot here that inches it enticingly towards the consumer world.

To many, this is a direct rival to Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, but in reality the two devices are coming at the laptop replacement issue from different angles. The iPad Pro is designed for the casual user, one who doesn't need a computer all day long. It's not a Macbook with a detachable screen – iOS doesn't have El Capitan's capabilities.Microsoft's device is more for those who need to massively multitask all the time, using dedicated desktop applications to get everything done.

The iPad Pro could be a lot of things to many people. To some, a great sofa pal. To others, a brilliant hybrid device that enables them to flip effortlessly from sketching to movies to typing reports on the go.Is it good enough to usurp the need for a Macbook Pro? Could you ever get by just using this tablet and the optional accessories around it, or does it need to be part of a larger family – a device that's perfect for certain situations but gets relegated when it's time for proper work?

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Yahoo Tech On 17.12.2015
If you can get past its size and its price — and not everybody can — you will be crazy about the iPad Pro. The screen is vast and flawless. The speakers are shockingly loud and clear. ... And the whole thing is impressively thin and lightweight. Reply to this comment
TechRadar On 17.12.2015
A brilliant iPad that takes it into a new realm - I've loved using it, but just make sure you're ready for the larger size and weight.
Wired On 17.12.2015
The iPad Pro is a fantastic tablet, not to mention the first iPad in ages that has an obvious value next to our giant smartphones. It starts as a big, powerful, beautiful screen, and with the right accessories and apps can be almost any kind of device you want. So, yeah: size matters. Reply to this comment
Mashable On 17.12.2015
The Apple iPad Pro is the first workhorse iPad that, if you kick in for the accessories, could change your work life.
TechCrunch On 17.12.2015
The iPad Pro ... is unapologetically tablety. ... The multi-app experience, on the other hand, is far and away better than on any competing system — and the way that it enables creatives to alternate between the various ‘modes’ is unique to this platform. Reply to this comment
Engadget On 17.12.2015
The iPad Pro isn't for everyone ... iOS 9 isn't as adept at multitasking as a laptop operating system, and the lack of any mouse input can get tiresome. That said, its fast performance and smooth pen input could be useful for creative pros who need a way to stay productive while on the go. Reply to this comment
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